Anti Valentines Day Gift Ideas on Amazon

Anti Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Anti Valentines Day Gift Ideas on Amazon

Valentine’s Day is a’comin! If you’re single, watching all your coupled off friends post lovey-dovey photos on social media can be downright obnoxious. Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, happily shacking up, or married off, I’ve put together a list of fun Anti Valentines Day gift ideas that you can find on Amazon. Here you’ll find some great Valentine’s Day party inspiration as well as gifts for single friends.

Electric Fondue Pot – A fondue pot is perfect for a get-together that doesn’t involve overpriced prix fixe couple’s menus! Use it for chocolate or cheese (traditional, vegan, paleo or whatever you’re into)! If you want to do an oil fondue, you’ll need to upgrade to a higher heat fondue pot.

Nope Shirt - Anti Valentines Day Gift ideas on Amazon

Nope Shirt – Nope – no thanks. Nah. Next please.

Dwight Schrute Anti-Love Card – Love is in the air. False! Nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon are in the air. Oh Dwight!

Exploding Kittens Card Game – Get together with your single friends (and hey – maybe your married friends want to come too – invite ’em and see!) for a night of obscene games, tacos and adult beverages. If your friends are not easily offended, I recommend the NSFW version!

Drink’O Party Drinking Game – If you’re ready to take the party up a notch, get the adult version of everyone’s favorite Plinko game! If you’re not a drinker, try Food’O (although this could also be a game that is best played while inebriated…).

Love Stinks Anti Valentines Day Party Balloons

Love Stinks Balloons – Decorate your Anti Valentines Day party with these black “Love Stinks” latex balloons.

Coco Rose Body Polish – Don’t feel like drinking? Treat yo’self to a cruelty free and vegan Coco Rose coconut oil body polish. While you’re at it, get the dead sea bath salts. It’s called SELF CARE people!

Tacos are my Valentine Anti Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Tacos Are My Valentine Dolman Shirt – I think everyone can get behind this.

Ew People and I'm F*cking Magical Sarcastic Mug Anti Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Sarcastic Mugs – I can relate to this “Ew People” mug more often than I’d like to admit. I also need this “I’m F*cking Magical” unicorn mug in my life. Maybe not safe for work, but a must have nonetheless!

Single AF Pop Socket – If you don’t already have a pop socket, get one. It gives you an easier way to take selfies of your beautiful, single AF face.

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