Top 5 Instagram Spots In London

Top 5 Instagram Spots In London | Spots to go on my honeymoon featured by popular Los Angeles travel blogger My Beauty Bunny

Top 5 Instagram Spots in London

I cannot wait for my upcoming wedding (in Edinburgh) and honeymoon in London! As one of the most well-known cities in the world, it’s no surprise to learn that London is one of the most photographed cities, too. Boasting a rich history and incredible architecture, there are endless opportunities to capture moments with your camera – but there are some spots that rise above the rest, especially if you’re hoping to share your London experience on social media.

Whether you’re planning a vacation to London or you’re a local on the hunt for the best places to snap a memorable photo, you can’t leave these Instagram spots in London off of your itinerary!

Coppa Club. Situated on the banks of the Thames, the Tower Bridge location of this upscale restaurant chain offers up some of the best food – and photo opps – you’ll find in London. Visit during the summer months, and you can take advantage of their Paradise Pods, open-air domes encompassed by palm fronds and draped in flowering plants to embrace the warmer weather. When winter rolls around, the space is transformed, and clear domes replace the pods to offer diners a picturesque experience, protected from the elements.

Portobello Road. The brightly-painted homes that line this street are eye-catching enough to make an amazing Instagram photo, but if you wait until the weekend, you’ll be treated to an even more exciting scene. The Portobello Road Market is busiest on Fridays and Saturdays, adding tons of interesting photo-worth elements. And if you’re on the hunt for some souvenirs, the market considers itself the largest antique market in the world, so you’re sure to uncover some interesting finds if you take the time to browse the stall!

Top 5 Instagram Spots In London | Spots to go on my honeymoon featured by popular Los Angeles travel blogger My Beauty Bunny

Tower Bridge. One of the most recognized landmarks of London, you’re sure to make everyone back home jealous with a perfect photo of Tower Bridge. It can be challenging to snap a good shot of the bridge while you’re standing on it, so for the best Instagram photo possible, see what kind of angles you can capture from the nearby walkways and riverbanks. Tower Wharf is a great place to shoot from, as are the St. Katharine Docks. There, you’ll find a few interesting sculptures you can incorporate into the foreground of your shot.

The Churchill Arms. It can feel like there are an infinite number of picturesque storefronts and pubs across London, but the Churchill Arms really goes above and beyond to impress. During the summer months, you’ll be wowed by the incredible floral displays that cover the pub’s exterior. When the holiday season arrives, the pub takes an over-the-top approach, skipping the holly and garlands and opting to cover the building’s exterior with actual Christmas trees instead.

Any red telephone booth. While you can’t actually use one to call friends and family back home, you can’t pass over an opportunity to snap a selfie standing next to – or inside – one of these iconic London landmarks. There are many of these booths scattered across the city, so it shouldn’t be too hard to check this one off of your list, but if you choose your phone booth carefully, you’ll get a way more memorable photo. Find the phone booths on Great George Street to squeeze a glimpse of Big Ben into your shot, making your classic London photo even better.

Wherever you go in London, you’re sure to find an incredible photo to take. However, these Instagram spots in London are sure to land you Instagram-worthy shots you’ll be excited to share with friends and family. Which Instagram spots in London sounds the most exciting to you? What spots should I visit during my honeymoon this October? Leave a comment and let me know!

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